ND-1 Overlay Drive Moves Forward – Please Help

WHAT: To petition the LFUCG to implement an ND-1 overlay in our neighborhood.
WHO: All large lot property owners have a shared interest and commitment in this process.
WHERE: This petition will be sent to all large lot property addresses from Winchester Road to the Country Club, including:

  • Barbados
  • Cayman
  • Jamaica
  • Martinique
  • Tobago
  • Trinidad
  • Walnut Grove

All of Bahama Road will be included, with the exception of those addresses from #2049 to #2138.
WHY: Among other positive moves, returning the petition is the first step in making this area of Greenbrier compatible with the rest of the subdivision; in encouraging compliance with our deed restrictions; in enhancing property values; and in fostering pride in our neighborhood’s future.
WHEN: This petition should be returned in the enclosed self addressed stamped envelope upon receipt.
WHAT HAPPENS NEXT: All returned petitions will be presented, along with other required information, to the LFUCG Planning Staff. Planners will formally present this request to the LFUCG Zoning Committee for review and determination, which will include letters of notification to all property owners as listed above as well as public advertising and signage. If recommended for approval, final action by the LFUCG Council may take months to obtain.
REMINDER! If your property is one of the less than 10% of large lot residences that has an accessory structure currently in place, it will not be affected by this Overlay, but will be considered as “Nonconforming Use” and grandfathered into the coverage.
QUESTIONS? Contact Mariana Marye, President of Greenbrier Residents Inc.  at 299-1910; or Traci Wade, Planning Manager for the Planning Services section of the LFUCG Division of Planning at 258-3183.
PETITIONClick to Download a Copy – Petitions must be submitted by mail
We, the undersigned, are owners of these properties in what is designated as Area 1 on city maps, a section of Greenbrier Estates comprised of 148 large residential lots in the city of Lexington, Fayette County, Kentucky. Units 3A & 3B of Greenbrier, Area 2 on city maps, have already received ND-1 Overlay Zoning that includes the three (3) restrictions listed below. At this time, we request the LFUCG expand this ND-1 Overlay coverage to include our properties in Area 1, to make this part of Greenbrier compatible with other Greenbrier units, and to maintain the integrity of the Greenbrier subdivision.
1) No unattached building additions permitted. This would include, but would not be limited to garages, storage sheds, or any type of shed or building detached from the side or the rear of the house.
2) No above ground pools permitted. All pools would need to be constructed so that the water inside the pool is no higher than ground level.
3) No fencing in front of the house. All fences must be set back at least as far as the front of the house, and cannot include any constructed with what is commonly known as chain link fencing.