Thank You!

As this year’s Greenbrier Dues Appeal wraps up, the GB Board is happy to announce that once again 170 neighbors voluntarily contributed to our operating fund. That means 70% of GB residents (236 properties according to Fayette County PVA Search site: Greenbrier Estates) will allow the Board to undertake major projects such as the new Directory, Spring planting and updated Security Cameras that will benefit ALL residents.

Your GB Board is grateful for the participation of our dues-paying neighbors, and we work hard to ensure your dues go to make our neighborhood one of Fayette County’s best. Thank you!

Red Cross Launches Campaign to Halt Home Fires

The American Red Cross Home Fire Campaign helps save lives by installing free smoke alarms in homes that don’t have them, and by educating people about home fire safety.
Do You Need a Smoke Alarm?
The Red Cross and its partners can test existing smoke alarms and install up to three free smoke alarms for those that need them.
Ask the Lexington Fire Dept to check your Smoke Detectors. Call (859) 231-5662.
For more information, to donate or volunteer, visit:  The American Red Cross

O Romeo…

Thanks for looking.
Romeo has not been home since July 25.  He is a domestic shorthair, a Buff color that almost looks creamy. He has his collar and is chipped. He’s had all his shots. He likes the golf course. If you see him please call Susi Hopkins 859-533-9277, anytime.
Thank you!

Open House at the Greenbrier Country Club June 7

An invitation from the Greenbrier Country Club:

Open House

Thursday June 7, 5-7 P.M.

Please join us in the Family Dining Room to tour our newly-remodeled Clubhouse and to learn more about membership opportunities like the Clubhouse membership that allows you to dine and attend Clubhouse events at very little cost each month.
Appetizers will be served and the bar will be open for purchases.
RSVP to 859-293-1508 or
GGCC Open House Invitation

Reminder: Dues are Due

One of the ways a subdivision becomes a desirable neighborhood is by connecting neighbors into a cohesive community.
Greenbrier’s Residents Board offers opportunities for neighbors to connect thru activities such as providing the Ladies Tea, the Spring and Fall Garage sales, publishing the neighborhood directory, supporting Holiday decorations and the like. Further, your GRI Board keeps neighbors apprised of local goings-on through both voice mail messaging, periodic newsletters, our excellent website, and e-mails to those residents who provide their updated info. Board members coordinate entry plantings, and endeavor to make Greenbrier a safer place through improved lighting and security cameras.
You, our Greenbrier neighbors, make this happen when you pay your $100 dues, which are due now! Please mail your check , payable to Greenbrier Residents, Inc. , and mail it promptly to John Schmidt, Treasurer, 3556 Antilles. You may drop your check off at his house, or use Paypal on our website. Thank you!
To use PayPal, please visit our Dues webpage for more information.
Thanks for your financial support!

Happy Holidays to our Greenbrier Neighbors!

2018 promises to be a New Year full of opportunity for us all! Two
important issues will be addressed in the coming weeks: *Annual Dues* and
the *Petition to expand the ND-1 Overlay to Greenbrier’s larger lot
Building on the increased – and voluntary – participation of dues- paying
residents the past two years, your GRI Board has been able to upgrade the
lighting at the front entryway as well as improve on other items that
benefit the entire neighborhood.
This year, depending on the response to our Annual Dues appeal, we want to
tackle the following items:
1) update the cameras/security system at both front and rear entries
2) update the irrigation system at both entries, and
3) obtain a neighborhood Action Grant from the city to further improve the
front entryway.
Few neighborhoods in Fayette County have Neighborhood associations like
ours. The 9 neighbors on your GRI Board who *volunteer* their time, energy
and expertise on behalf of the neighborhood appreciate your continued
support and interest!
Dues stay the same at $100 and can be mailed to our Treasurer, John
Schmidt, 3556 Antilles; should you prefer notices by e-mail, make sure John
has your updated address which can be sent to:
If you wish to use the PayPal service,  please visit our Dues Page.
Please remit by January20,2018.
Thank you!

Greenbrier Is Popular with Thieves

Greenbrier has been targeted recently by thieves who deliberately spray painted the rear entry security cameras around 2am last Tuesday morning, then returned to steal a 6 x 12 trailer which had been securely fastened with two locks out of the homeowners’ driveway in broad daylight.  A quick check of the “Nextdoor App” shows this type of trailer is popular with thieves who will go to any lengths to steal these – and other – items. Homeowners are urged to secure their belongings as much as possible, to keep their garage doors closed, and to stay on the watch for any suspicious activity here in our neighborhood while the GRI board works with the police and security company to try and make our community less vulnerable to these thefts.