Happy Holidays!

It’s that time of year again!

Already, many Greenbrier neighbors have decked their doorways, trees, front lawns, roofs and mailboxes with colored lights and festive trimmings in anticipation of jolly old St.- wait!wait! – what they’re really waiting for is the stealth visit by anonymous GB elves judging “Most Whimsical”, “Best Entryway”, “Best Overall Display” and any other display they think should be applauded!

Last year, winners were chosen – and awarded gift certificates to their fav restaurants in Hamburg – at 3512 Trinidad (Hamms); 3637 Antilles (Vettrainos), and 1772 Bahama (Price/Higgins).

Who will be the lucky winners of coveted elf selections this year? Judging will be completed by December 21st at 11.30pm, so there is lots of time to show and share your festive flair with the rest of the neighborhood. Good luck and Happy Holidays to all!