Holiday Lights

Seasons Greetings Greenbriarians,

Santa was pleased by the overall Holiday Spirit that the Greenbrier neighborhood conveyed this Christmas Season.  This evening, the Elves have had a successful canvassing of the neighborhood.  They have determined there are indeed worthy winners of the coveted Neighborhood Lighting awards.  A special note for those who have not won or have been disenchanted by Elves decisions in the past:  Be not embittered by past decisions of the Elves.  You can win, it’s not too late.  Do not turn your Lights off in dark protest, come back, display your Christmas Cheer!  Light it up.

Special shout out:  the Hiltons, the Andrews, and the Nativity Scene at the Fresh residence across from the Club.

Official winners are:
Most Whimsical:  Newlands 2122 Bahama
Entryway:  3201 Tabago (Big Tree) Wirth/Wardrop
Overall:  2148 Antigua (Brian and Lisa Sarrett)

Happy Holidays!

It’s that time of year again!

Already, many Greenbrier neighbors have decked their doorways, trees, front lawns, roofs and mailboxes with colored lights and festive trimmings in anticipation of jolly old St.- wait!wait! – what they’re really waiting for is the stealth visit by anonymous GB elves judging “Most Whimsical”, “Best Entryway”, “Best Overall Display” and any other display they think should be applauded!

Last year, winners were chosen – and awarded gift certificates to their fav restaurants in Hamburg – at 3512 Trinidad (Hamms); 3637 Antilles (Vettrainos), and 1772 Bahama (Price/Higgins).

Who will be the lucky winners of coveted elf selections this year? Judging will be completed by December 21st at 11.30pm, so there is lots of time to show and share your festive flair with the rest of the neighborhood. Good luck and Happy Holidays to all!

2017 Holiday Decorating

Holiday décor in Greenbrier this year has run the gamut from colorful to crazy, all celebrating the joys of the season. Needless to say, the neighborhood elves had a tough time judging our 2017 winners. First they want to give a shout out to the beautifully lit trees around the neighborhood, including the one on the fence row behind 2267 Bahama, the one at the corner of Bahama and Tobago Ct., and the one at the end of the driveway at 3645 Cayman Lane. Another strong contender for an appealing display was the festive assortment of lights at 2251 Bahama. The final choices were tough, but in the end the elves had to make their decisions: you decide whether or not you agree. Signs will be posted until the week of January 1st.

  • Prize for Most Whimsical display goes to Gene and Cindy Hamm, 3512 Trinidad.
  • Prize for Best Entryway goes to Henry and Laura Vettraino, 3637 Antilles.
  • Prize for Best Overall goes to the display at the Price/Higgins home, 1772 Bahama.

Thanks to all who participated in making Greenbrier a more colorful neighborhood this year and Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays – Updated!

Holiday Lighs
Update: The elves had a tough time this year with the many beautifully decorated homes, but finally made their decision for the winners of the Xmas light contest. They are:
Best overall effect goes to the Winter Wonderland home of Bobby Cummins, 1893 Bahama Road, at the intersection of Bahama and Cayman.
Best Entryway goes to the Purple Tree enhanced home of Mary Jane and Russell Reed, 1725 Bahama Road.
Most Whimsical or Elves’ Choice goes to Frosty, living at the home of Julane and Roger Mullins, 2716 Martinique Lane.
Further, Elves gave a special shout out to 3201 Tabago, whose Raindrop Forrest is the inspired work of Mike Wirth and Pell Wardrop. Also on their list, and worthy of a look though not eligible for a prize, is the beautifully lit up Morris Eventing Farm located to the right of the Finks Farm. Congratulations all! Our 3 top winners, all GB Resident association members, will each receive a $50 gift certificate to a local restaurant. cruise the neighborhood & Look for signs placed in the winners; yards,and . see if you agree with our anonymous elves choices!
Finally, your GB Residents Association Board wishes all our neighbors very merry Holidays and a happy & prosperous 2017!
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