Widening of US 60 & Bahama Traffic Signal

Click to Download: Project Handout

On October 20, the Kentucky Department of Highways held a public meeting at Macedonia Christian Church to announce plans to widen US-60 / Winchester Road from Polo Club Boulevard to Haley Road.  At the neighborhood GRI Business Meeting on the same evening, Joe Brumley, VP Acquisitions for Cowgill, Inc. presented what’s in store for Hamburg East.  Joe explained that Hamburg construction will include two hospitals, one and probably two new schools, as well as mixed-use housing for 3000 new residents.  He also informed us of the State’s plan to use Winchester Road to bring Interstate 64 west traffic to Hamburg East by directing vehicles to exit I-64 at Haley Road then travel the new 4-lane road to Polo Club Boulevard.

The Kentucky Department of Highways created a website where residents can see project documents and view an informative video:

Link:  www.FayetteUS60.com

There is also a form for you to comment on the widening project.  Your GRI Board requests you immediately review the website material then complete and send your comments using their Questionnaire form as resident input will end Friday, November 4.

Your GRI board has compiled the following recommendations:

1.       Please visit:  www.FayetteUS60.com  View the video then on the left side of the screen, click on “Intersection Simulations.”  Once finished, click “Take Online Questionnaire” on the screen above the video.  At the bottom of the Questionnaire form click “Done” to send.

2.       For Questions 5 and 6, check “Safety.”

3.       At Bahama Road intersection check “Continuous Green-T Intersection.”

4.       The State will not install a traffic light at Bahama Road since our ADT (Average Daily Traffic) does not meet their published requirements.  In conversations with the Kentucky Department of Highways, GRI learned that exceptions may be made if residents insist on a traffic light for safety and other appropriate reasons.  So, if you want a traffic light at Bahama Road write a compelling argument in the comments section.  You may want to mention the fatal crash at Bahama Road on 8-18-22 and the fatal crashes near Bahama Road on 10-28-22 and 8-24-12.

Finally, if we cannot justify, by this Friday, the need for a traffic light at Bahama Road then we should not expect one in the future.

Mariana Marye

President Greenbrier Residents Inc.