Widening of US 60 & Bahama Traffic Signal

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On October 20, the Kentucky Department of Highways held a public meeting at Macedonia Christian Church to announce plans to widen US-60 / Winchester Road from Polo Club Boulevard to Haley Road.  At the neighborhood GRI Business Meeting on the same evening, Joe Brumley, VP Acquisitions for Cowgill, Inc. presented what’s in store for Hamburg East.  Joe explained that Hamburg construction will include two hospitals, one and probably two new schools, as well as mixed-use housing for 3000 new residents.  He also informed us of the State’s plan to use Winchester Road to bring Interstate 64 west traffic to Hamburg East by directing vehicles to exit I-64 at Haley Road then travel the new 4-lane road to Polo Club Boulevard.

The Kentucky Department of Highways created a website where residents can see project documents and view an informative video:

Link:  www.FayetteUS60.com

There is also a form for you to comment on the widening project.  Your GRI Board requests you immediately review the website material then complete and send your comments using their Questionnaire form as resident input will end Friday, November 4.

Your GRI board has compiled the following recommendations:

1.       Please visit:  www.FayetteUS60.com  View the video then on the left side of the screen, click on “Intersection Simulations.”  Once finished, click “Take Online Questionnaire” on the screen above the video.  At the bottom of the Questionnaire form click “Done” to send.

2.       For Questions 5 and 6, check “Safety.”

3.       At Bahama Road intersection check “Continuous Green-T Intersection.”

4.       The State will not install a traffic light at Bahama Road since our ADT (Average Daily Traffic) does not meet their published requirements.  In conversations with the Kentucky Department of Highways, GRI learned that exceptions may be made if residents insist on a traffic light for safety and other appropriate reasons.  So, if you want a traffic light at Bahama Road write a compelling argument in the comments section.  You may want to mention the fatal crash at Bahama Road on 8-18-22 and the fatal crashes near Bahama Road on 10-28-22 and 8-24-12.

Finally, if we cannot justify, by this Friday, the need for a traffic light at Bahama Road then we should not expect one in the future.

Mariana Marye

President Greenbrier Residents Inc.


Presentation From Division of Water Quality

Dallas Taylor and Charles Martin, from the LFUCG Division of Water Quality holding a map showing the route our sewage goes until it reaches the treatment plant. The Division of Water Quality provides citizens of Lexington-Fayette County with wastewater treatment and stormwater management services. The city’s sanitary sewer system includes 81 pump stations, over 1400 miles of sewer pipe, and two large wastewater treatment plants (Town Branch and West Hickman).

Effluent flows from pump station number two at the intersection of Bahama and Winchester Road all the way to the highest point of the subdivision in front of the club. At that point gravity takes over and effluent flows through several neighborhoods until it reaches the Town Branch Treatment Plant. The plant is off Old Frankfort Pike inside the circle.

Link: LFUCG Division of Water Quality

Fall Disposal Day – Saturday, Oct. 12 & 19

Fayette County residents can dispose of non-hazardous household waste Saturday from 6 a.m. to 1 p.m., at the Bluegrass Regional Transfer Station, 1505 Old Frankfort Pike.

Hazardous materials such as pesticides, motor oil and paint will not be accepted at this event. Residents can bring such items to the Household Hazardous Waste Collection on October 19 from 8:30 a.m. until 3 p.m. at 1631 Old Frankfort Pike. This collection is free for Fayette County residents.


Pizza with Public Safety

Councilmember Plomin is planning her first “Pizza with Public Safety” event to highlight tips and tricks for safety at home and in our neighborhoods. It will be held on Monday, October 7th from 6-8 p.m. at Lexington’s Eastside Branch Library.

Two Neighborhood Resource Officers and the Firefighters at Firestation #21 will be present at the event to answer questions and get to know the community. Food and drinks will be provided, and there will be a real firetruck in the parking lot for kids to tour and some free giveaways.

Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/events/533908387429095/

Lexington Recycling News

The Lexington Recycling Center is no longer accepting paper or paper products. Dispose of paper with your other household waste that is sent to the landfill. This change affects all public and private waste collection services in the Central Kentucky area. Paper recycling will resume when a qualified bulk buyer is found.

Acceptable items

Never bag recyclables. They should be put in the recycling cart loose.

  • Aluminum cans
  • Steel food cans (Please rinse. Labels can stay on.)
  • Plastic screw top bottles and jugs (The top should be smaller than the bottom. Don’t worry about the #.)
  • Dry cardboard with packing material removed (Do NOT recycle boxboard that is made to go in the refrigerator or freezer such as soda boxes or frozen meals.)
  • Glass bottles and jars: colored and clear. NOTE: Check with your service provider as some do not accept glass.

City Sewer Cleaning Set for April

For the week starting Monday, April 1st through Saturday, April 6, 2019 Robinson Pipe Cleaning Co. (an LFUCG contractor) could be cleaning and inspecting sanitary sewers in Greenbrier. Certain conditions may call for an alteration of this schedule.

NOTE: Work is underway as of Thursday, April 4,

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Bill Would Upend Lexington Planning


Please oppose House Bill 346, Senate Floor Amendment 1.  

The bill as amended would take away the LFUCG Planning Commission’s authority over final development plans, would greatly harm Lexington’s new Comprehensive Plan, and would have the practical impact of opening Lexington’s Urban Services Boundary.  Essentially, new land would have to be made available for development at a rate consistent with development over the past ten years.  Please help to oppose this bill by objecting to its passage immediately!     

The easiest way to oppose the Senate Floor Amendment would be to call 800-372-7181 and leave a message for all Senators that you object to it.  You can use the language in the first paragraph above if you wish, or you can simply state that you oppose it.  Either method registers your objections.  

After that, be alert to find if the Senate passes the bill with the Floor Amendment, and if so, call the same number again and leave the same message for all House members.

You can also contact your own Senator and House Member by emailing them via www.lrc.ky.gov.  Look at the key on the bar at the top page and click on “Legislators.”

The SFA sponsor is Senator Jared Carpenter from Berea.   A small part of his district is in Fayette County.

Please also contact your neighbors and friends and ask that they also protest the legislation.  This bill would represent a terrible setback to the interests of planning and reasonable development in Fayette County.    Thank you for your prompt action.  

Walt Gaffield, President, Fayette County Neighborhood Council

Primary Vote Set For May 22

The Primary elections are just a few weeks away.  Please remember to vote on May 22.
Candidates running to succeed departing Mayor Jim Grey include Ronnie Bastin, former Lexington police chief, Linda Gorton, former Vice Mayor, Skip Horine, Teresa Isaac, former Lexington Mayor, Ike Lawrence, Councilmember at large Kevin Stinnett, and William Weyman.  The top two candidates will move on to the November ballot.
There are ten candidates running for the three at-large council positions. The candidate receiving the most votes in November will step into the Vice Mayor position.
Of note, two candidates are running to represent Greenbrier in the 12th Council district.  They are incumbent Kathy Plomin, a Greenbrier neighbor and newcomer Monteia Monday Owenby.  Since there are only two candidates they both will appear on the November ballot.
The partisan portion of the primary ballot includes a hotly contested race for the 6th Congressional district.  The Republican slate includes incumbent Andy Barr while the Democrat ballot includes Jim Gray and newcomer Amy McGrath.
For more information and to view a complete ballot, please visit:
Fayette County Clerk – Elections

ND-1 Overlay Petition Drive Launches

Greenbrier ND-1 Areas

Greenbrier ND-1 Areas

This PETITION will be mailed with a SASE to all large lot property owners including those residing at the following addresses:
2186-2298 Bahama Road (even)
2203-2299 Bahama Road (odd)
1693-2033 Bahama Road (odd)
1684-2026 Bahama Road (even) 2358-2384 Walnut Grove Lane
2703-2728 Barbados Lane
3612-3701 Cayman Lane
3776-3793 Jamaica Court
3778-3794 Katkay Drive
2707-2739 Martinique Lane
3500-3520 Trinidad Court
3184- 3201 Tabago Court
Your GRI Board agrees this designation will – among other positive attributes:
1) Discourage conflicts related to construction of chain link fencing, above ground pools & accessory structures
2) Enhance property values, and
3) Foster pride in our neighborhood’s future.
Obtaining an ND-1 Overlay requires significant neighborhood input and support. PLEASE DO YOUR PART!
REMINDER! If your property has an accessory structure currently in place, it will not be affected by the Overlay, but will be considered as “nonconforming use” and grandfathered into the coverage.

We, the undersigned, are owners of these properties in what is designated as Area 1 on city maps, a section of Greenbrier Estates comprised of 145 large residential lots in the city of Lexington, Fayette County, Kentucky. Units 3A & 3B of Greenbrier, Area 2 on city maps, have already received ND-1 Overlay Zoning that includes the three (3) restrictions listed below. At this time, we request the LFUCG expand this ND-1 Overlay coverage to include our properties in Area 1, to make this part of Greenbrier compatible with other Greenbrier units, and to maintain the integrity of the Greenbrier subdivision.
1. No unattached building additions permitted. This would include, but would not be limited to garages, storage sheds, or any type of shed or building detached from the side or the rear of the house.
2. Above ground pools are not permitted. All pools would need to be constructed so that the water inside the pool is no higher than ground level.
3. All fences must be set back at least as far as the front of the house. Fencing materials cannot include those used to construct what is commonly known as “chain link” fencing.

Please sign, address and return in the enclosed, stamped envelope. Property owners will be notified of the LFUCG’s decision as to whether or not the Planning Commission will allow this PETITION to proceed.