Happy Independence Day 2023

July 4th is always a special day in Greenbrier not only because it’s a day to celebrate our nation’s founding document, the Declaration of Independence, but because it’s time for our neighborhood’s annual patriotic parade. Hosted by our own Capt. America and led by the fire engine from firehouse #17, neighbors are invited to gather in the Antigua Circle around 3.30pm. Kids are encouraged to bring decorated bikes, golf carts and other wheeled vehicles to join the parade scheduled to start at 4pm. There will be prizes given for the following 10 categories:

1. Most patriotic group

2. Most patriotic Boy

3. Most patriotic Girl

4. Best Decorated Pet

5. Best Decorated Golf Cart

6. Best Decorated Bike, Scooter, or Other

7. Most Original Décor

8. Most Extravagant Décor

9. Best looking/oldest car

10. Judge’s Choice

The parade will end up in the Club parking lot where all prizes will be given out and kids can enjoy an inflatable, sno cones, and a face painter. The pool will stay open until 8pm. Please join us next Tuesday, July 4th, for this fun event!

Did you know…when Firehouse #17 was built on Royster Road across from Walnut Grove in 1984, it was the only firehouse in the rural area. It serves Gleneagles, Hamburg, the Polo Club area and the Winchester Road corridor. #17 becomes ‘less rural’ every year with the rapid expansion of commercial and residential areas along our corridor.

Parade Winners…

This year’s parade was our biggest and best ever with lots of carts, kids and cool decorations.  The event went off without missing a beat in spite of the fire engine being late – they had to fight a fire first – and the Club parking lot off-limits due to construction.
Category winners are:
Most Patriotic group – Tyler and Kelly Street from Antigua
Most Patriotic kid – Nate Coen from Cayman Hts
Best Decorated Pet (Dog) – “Tulip” Brooks from Bahama (awwww! so adorb!)
Best Decorated Golf Cart – The Mittenzwei family from Walnut Grove
Most Spirited – Lilly Polly from Cayman Hts.
Most Extravagant – Ben and Jennifer Allen from Jamaica Ct.
Best Family Decor – Brandt and Charis Brooks & their two little girls from Bahama
Most Original – Ron and Sandy Mollenkopf from Marquesas
Oldest Car – Jeremy and Carly Moore’s GTO
Most Unusual – Elizabeth Tatem
Judge’s Choice – Beau Griffith from Montego Ct; and
                            Knox Hollifield from Eleuthera Ct.
Congrats to all out winners and everyone who turned out for this fun event on a beautiful 4th of July!

2022 July 4th Parade

Celebrate our nation’s birthday with our annual holiday parade!  Meet on Antigua Ct. at 3:30 pm on Monday, July 4th with decorated bikes, carts and scooters – old cars and anything else!  The parade winds through the Greenbrier neighborhood led by our local fire fighters in their very large firetruck and by parademaster  Captain America.  Prizes will be awarded in a variety of categories; snow cones and pool activities will be available at the Club. Join your neighbors for this fun event!

Happy Independence Day 2021

Greenbrier celebrated the 245th Birthday of the United States in grand style this past Sunday, the 4th of July! Over 30 golf carts decorated in red,white and blue, along with scooters, motor bikes and various other vehicles tooled around the neighborhood waving flags and delighting residents. Under the direction of Capt. America (Chris Thiel) and led by firefighters in their engine from local station #17, the parade ended at the Club parking lot, where kids enjoyed snow cones provided by your GRI as well as all sorts of activities, including a giant inflatable slide and games.

Prizes were awarded in the following categories:

  • Most Patriotic Group: Elizabeth, Whitley & Kitty
  • Most Patriotic Boy and Girl: Danny Street & Stelyn Drisko
  • Best Decorated Pets: Weston & Millie Stutler
  • Golf Cart: Tyler Street
  • Group: The Gulletts
  • Best Family Décor: The Trimbles, The Mittenzewis, & The Theils
  • Most Original (a patriotic Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog)
  • Most Extravagant: Ron & Sandy Mollenkopf
  • Best & Oldest Car: Mary Keene Marrs
  • Most Unusual The Allen Family with their giant gorilla in patriotic garb, Ed.

A good time was had by all and promises to be an even bigger affair next year!






Meet at the cul-de-sac on Antigua at 3.30pm with decorated bikes, carts and scooters.  Prizes and awards will be given out at the conclusion of the parade.  The parade will begin at 4:00pm and will proceed up Antilles and around Bahama ending at the Club parking lot.  All are encouraged to participate.  For those who cannot participate, come out and enjoy this great neighborhood tradition.

The parade will be modified due to the Cov-19 Pandemic. The state of KY guidelines will be utilized. All adult participants acknowledge this at their own risk to exposure. All adult participants allowing minor children to participate are responsible for their adhering to all recommended guidelines. Failure to do so may result in expulsion. Please review the  KY guidelines below for groups with particular emphasis to masks being worn and 6ft social distancing adhered.

LINK:  KY Covid Guidelines for Groups

2019 Independence Day Celebrations

There are two special reasons tor freedom lovers to celebrate July 4th this year – and we’re not even talking about the US Declaration of Independence –  which enshrined in a Bill of Rights religious freedom, freedom of speech, press freedom, and the right to peaceably assemble.

First is the neighborhood breakfast/brunch at the home of Jennifer and Ben Allen, 3785 Jamaica Court.  Starting at 10am, neighbors are invited to bring a dish to share and a chair while kids enjoy playing on inflatables. No rain date is planned.

Second is the annual Greenbrier parade, hosted by parade meister extraordinaire Chris Thiel.  Kids are encouraged to bring decorated bikes. golf carts, and scooters to the Antigua Circle around 3.30pm.   Fire engine #17 will arrive at 4pm to lead the way around Bahama to the Clubhouse, where paradegoers can enjoy snocones, and kids will be awarded prizes in several categories.

Here’s to a Happy 4th!

Fourth of July Extravaganza, 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Celebrate the Fourth of July with the annual Greenbrier parade. Meet at the cul-de-sac on Antigua at 3:30pm with decorated bikes, carts and scooters. Prizes and awards will be given out at the conclusion of the parade. The parade will begin at 4:00pm and will proceed up Antilles and around Bahama ending at the Club. All are encouraged to participate. At the Club, there will be inflatables, snow cones, pool activities and more. For those who cannot participate, come out and enjoy this great neighborhood tradition.
Questions? call Chris Thiel, Parademaster @ 294-9734

Happy Independence Day

Be sure to join the Greenbrier Neighborhood Parade!
Participants will assemble on the Antigua cul de sac at 3:30 PM on the Fourth.
The Parade will depart for the Country Club at 4:00 PM
The parade route will proceed via Antilles and Bahama.