Directory & Corrections

The 2023 Directory has been published and delivered to each household in Greenbrier. One correction is in the green intro letter accompanying the Directory which misstates the GRI website address. As you now know -if you have reached this page -our address is! Hopefully, no further corrections are needed!

Thank you!

Your GRI Board

Water System Flushing April 25 – 27

Beginning on: Tuesday April 25 2023

Ending on: Thursday April 27 2023

During the hours of: 7 pm – 3:30am

The KY American Water map shows ‘flushing’ in Greenbrier to begin this Tuesday, ending sometime on Thursday. The company notes the following;

Customers in Bourbon, Clark, Fayette, Owen and Scott counties may notice a stronger smell of chlorine in their tap water from mid-April through late May, regardless of where we are currently flushing, since our water treatment process remains adjusted from using chlorine to using free chlorine throughout the entire flushing program. The water remains safe to consume.

Shred Truck

Appropriately enough on Earth Day, the Shred-truck made its first appearance in Greenbrier. For two hours, neighbors could come and bring unwanted and/or sensitive papers and get them shredded for free. Co-sponsored with the Brokerage, the Shred-truck is just another service the GRI is pleased to present to the neighborhood!

Winners of Holiday Lights Contest

This important message, recorded on Thursday, Dec. 29th is from  the Chief Neighborhood elf and his anonymous crew who judged this year’s Holiday Lights winners. They are:

Best Overall: The Williams Family at 1788 Bahama Road.

Most Whimsical: The Brooks Family at 2242 Bahama Road.

Best Entryway: The Marrs Family at 2049 Bahama Road.

Chief Elf noted that these triumphant neighbors have never won before, even though there were more lighted properties than ever this year.  The Holiday Spirit was certainly alive and well in Greenbrier, and the elves wanted a shout out to the following families for their super showing: The Pogrostskys on Eleuthera; the Ottos on Jamaica; and the GRI Decorating Committee for this year’s front entry with its arrangement of snowmen and deer.  As always, the elves appreciated the colorful, gorgeous tree in the Wirth/Wardrop sideyard; and the many other festive figures – the angels, penguins and endearing inflatables dotting our neighborhood.

Again, we elves encourage all our neighbors to deck their halls in 2023 to make our neighborhood the cheefulest, joyfulest and brightest community in Fayette County.  Till next year, this is the Chief Elf, signing off.

2022 Holiday Lights Contest






Every December since 2004, your GRI Board has held a holiday light contest for residents. The competition has three winner categories:
The judging this year- by an anonymous group who call themselves the Elf Squad – will take place Wednesday evening, December 21st after 11pm. The winners will be announced on our voice mail, on our website, and our Greenbrier Facebook page. All residents are eligible to win: only GRI members will receive a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant in Hamburg – not to mention an awesome sign designating the home of the prizewinner-placed in the front yard. The elves are very excited about this year’s contest and wish to urge everyone to get busy and light up! Happy Holidays!

On the Table Sign Ups

The Greenbrier Neighborhood is a member of the Fayette County Neighborhood Association (FCNC) which advocates for neighborhood networking to better understand how our local government works and how development proposals may affect a neighborhood’s unique character. The FCNC offers public workshops, speakers, and educational meetings that support and preserve successful neighborhoods.  On the Table is an important element seeking public input into the future growth of our county.  Please see the info and meeting times below should you be interested in following up on one of these sessions. Thank you!

Dear Neighbors,

The Fayette County Neighborhood Council recommends signing up for On the Table this year, because the results will help Lexington make decisions on planning, zoning and development for the next five years.  University of Kentucky faculty are involved in compiling responses which will be confidential but with results available by neighborhood (for online responses) and by zip code (also for online responses).
The FCNC will be hosting On The Table meetings via ZOOM on these dates and times, each session will last from 1 to 1 1/2 hours:
Sunday, April 10 at 3:00 pm
Monday April 11 at 7:00 pm
Tuesday April 12 at 7:00 pm
Wednesday April 13 at 7:00 pm
Thursday April 14 at 7:00 pm
Please sign up for On The Table here:

On the Table

GB residents will be hearing a lot about “On the Table” – not for dinner reservations, but for civic engagement.  Participants from all over Lexington are invited to host or attend group discussions to answer questions relating to Lexington’s growth, quality of life, and other pertinent data during the week of April 10th to 16th.
For more information, log on to or call 859.536.1334 and connect with “On the Table.”