Fall Neighborhood Meetings & Garage Sale Cancelled

The in-person October Business meetings have been CANCELLED due to corona virus concerns.  Details about how the Board will conduct business which must be handled at the fall meeting will be forthcoming.

The fall garage sale scheduled for September 26th under the auspices of the Greenbrier Residents Association, Inc. has also been CANCELLED due to concerns over spreading the corona virus.

Individual homeowners who wish to hold a private garage sale on their property should carefully weigh how to practice social distancing and masking when dealing with the public.

Wear a Face Mask

Neighborhood Garage Sale Set For September 28

This is a special message from your GB Residents Board updated on Friday, Set. 20th.  Next weekend will be a busy time for all our neighbors participating in the Fall Garage Sale on Saturday, September 28th from 8am – 2pm.  Some homes will open on Friday, same hours, rain or shine.  If you live on a street other than Bahama Road, please call Cyndy Powell at 299-5566, so she knows where to place signs to get customers to your treasures.  Watch out for heavier traffic and keep any eye on kids and pets to make sure they stay safe.  Have a fun weekend and enjoy the rest of the summer!



The Greenbrier Neighborhood Spring Garage Sale will be held this Saturday, April 27th, though some sales will be open on Friday, the 26th. Sale Hours are advertised from 8am until 2pm each day.

If you live off Bahama Road please contact Cyndy Powell at 859-312-0257 so she can put up signs leading to your Court or Street by tomorrow, Wednesday, the 24th.

Kondo-cise that closet!

Fall Events

As mandated by Greenbrier’s Bylaws, the GRI Board must hold two biannual meetings, one in April, and one in October. (Do you know Greenbrier’s Bylaws and Deed Restrictions may be found on this website under “Library” and in all GB Directories?) The date of the Fall meeting will be Monday, October 15th, at the home of Sarah and Carl Lee, 1805 Bahama Road. All GB residents are invited to a social get-together before the meeting to enjoy drinks and snacks at 6:00 pm; program to follow. Further details will be available closer to the October date.
Ever think about what happens when you call 911? Do you wonder if there are specific police assigned to our neighborhood? Do police write speeding tickets to meet quotas? Answers to these and any other questions you may have will be answered at our first “Coffee with a Cop” event held at the Greenbrier Golf and Country Club on August 29 at 10.30am. and hosted by Officer Dawn Dunn Norden. A second “Coffee” will be planned in September if needed!
UPDATE:  If you would like to RSVP to this event, either call Angie Doyle at 293-1508, or e-mail her at adoyle@GreenbrierGCC.com.
UPDATE #2:  Angie’s e-mail address was corrected.
Time to Clean out those closets for the annual Fall Garage Sale! Saturday, September 29th will be a busy day for all our neighbors participating in the fall Garage sale, from 8am – 2pm, as will be advertised. Residents who wish to display their goods on Friday the 28th should prepare their own signs showing shoppers the way to their treasures. Traffic will be heavier than usual this weekend so keep an eye on kids and pets to make sure they stay safe. Questions? Call Cyndy Powell at 299-5566 for info.


The Spring business meeting of this neighborhood will be held on Monday, April 9th at the home of Sarah and Carl Lee, 1805 Bahama Road.
Drinks and snacks will be offered at 6.30pm; the business meeting will start promptly at 7pm. The evening’s agenda will include remarks by guest speakers Roger Mulvaney, from the LFUCG division of Traffic Engineering, as well as by our district Councilmember Kathy Plomin, and Master Gardener Sarah Lee. Also presented will be our treasurer’s report, new board projects, including our security cameras update, and the ND-1 overlay update, details of which are also posted on this website.
Other announcements will include details of the Greenbrier Ladies Tea, to be held Sunday, April 15th at the home of Andy & Leslie Russ, 2145 Bahama Road, and the date of the spring garage sale to be held on Saturday, April 28th.
Please plan to come and enjoy this informative meeting.

Fall Garage Sale Set for September 30

The Fall 2017 Greenbrier Garage sale is set for Saturday, September 30. Some sales will begin on Friday the 29th.  Start cleaning out those closets and garages!
Remember that there will be a lot of traffic, so please watch your children and pets.
IF your home is NOT on Bahama Road or a street/court off of Bahama, please call Cyndy Powell ( 299-5566) and leave a message, so that she can place signs to your street or court. Signs will be posted Saturday morning.  If you wish to open on Friday, please post your own signs.

2017 Neighborhood Garage Sale Set for May 13

The annual neighborhood garage sale is traditionally held on a Saturday in mid-May.  This cooperative approach helps to minimize traffic and maximizes publicity and shopper appeal.
The 2017 sale is scheduled for Saturday May 13, rain or shine.  The sale will begin at 8:00 AM.  Some sales will be held on Friday.

Greenbrier Spring Events

Officer Dawn Dunn of the Lexington Police Department

Save the date for our Spring General Meeting, on Monday, April 17th.  Our guest speaker will by our new neighbor, Office Dawn Dunn of the Lexington Police Department.  Office Dunn will discuss neighborhood security.
Also keep in mind that the Greenbrier Spring Yard sale will take place on Saturday, May 13th.