2024 Dues Reminder

Take a moment from thinking of warmer climes to send your GRI Annual Dues of $100.00 to Treasurer John Schmidt, 3556 Antilles Drive. Payments, made out to GRI, can be dropped off at John’s home or sent via PayPal to paypal@mail.gb-ra.com.

You already know the many ways 100% of Dues collected are re-invested in neighborhood services. Ladies are reminded that as GRI members, they are invited to Greenbrier’s Annual Ladies Tea, hosted this year by Susannah Whan, details soon to be announced.

Any questions or comments about the GRI Dues Annual Appeal are welcomed by John at 859.396.2685 or may be emailed to him at jschmidt1219@gmail.com. With our goal of 100% participation this year, we appreciate your support!

Please mail to:

John Schmidt, Treasurer
3556 Antilles Drive
Lexington, KY 40509

Click to : Download a Dues Form in MS Word Format

Click to : Download a Dues Form in Adobe PDF Format

PayPal users may send a payment to: PayPal@mail.gb-ra.com

Or scan the QR Code in the PayPal App.

Or click the “Buy Now” button to pay with PayPal.  PayPal is a service which provides secure processing of payments.  PayPal accepts credit card, debit cards and electronic draft from your checking account.  You do not need a PayPal Account.  When you click the “Buy Now” button, you will leave the Greebbrier website and go to the PayPal website.  When you finish you will be returned to the Greenbrier Website

April is a busy month in Greenbrier

  • Our Annual Dues Appeal is wrapping up. There’s still time to send in your Dues of $100 or confirm with John Schmidt if you can’t remember whether you already have.  Click to use Paypal on our Dues page.
  • A new Directory is on its way to the printers, so watch for your free copy to be delivered sometime soon via golfcart express.
  • The Spring Business Meeting will take place Tuesday, April 25 at 6pm at the new Lifestyle center. Guest speaker will be Grace Foley, LFUCG Senior Traffic Engineer speaking about road marking Bahama. This is an effort in our ongoing campaign to make our streets safer from speeding traffic.

  • New this year will be the Shred Truck coming April 22nd, Earth Day, from 2-4pm. This joint venture with The Brokerage will allow our GB neighbors to bring their important papers and documents to be shredded free of charge. The truck will be parked in Antigua Court. where the July 4th parade starts.
  • Finally, the 21st Spring Garage Sale will be held Saturday, April 29th with some neighbors opening their garages on Friday, April 28th. Cyndy Powell at 859.299.5566 has details, so if you want to be included in advertising and signage, just check with Cyndy.

We hope all our neighbors will mark their calendars and join the GRI Board in attending these helpful events. Thank you!

Mariana Marye


Please join us at 6:00pm in the Greenbrier Country Club Family Dining room on Thursday, Oct. 20th for our Fall Business Meeting and Presentation. Our guest speaker will be Joe Brumley, VP for Acquisitions for Cowgill, Inc. Joe will tell us via Powerpoint presentation what’s in store for Hamburg East and the many changes coming our way. Plus, get to know your GRI Board and vote on our upcoming budget!

Spring Meeting Recap

A small crowd gathered on the Allens’ back porch in the chilly evening Monday to hear the featured speaker at the GRI April 25th Business Meeting. Officer Kaitlin Weckerling and K9 Jax presented a talk and demonstration on the many uses our police train their canine counterparts for.  Jax, a three year old Malinois/German shepherd mix, came from a special kennel in Czechoslovakia. He is trained to “alert” his handler on 5 different illegal drugs – marijuana, cocaine, meth, heroin and crack, as well as to track and catch fleeing criminals. Though fairly new on the job, Jax has already been responsible for sniffing out a large amount of coke and over $200,000.00 in cash.  He is trained and rewarded with toys – not food.

The appreciative audience asked many questions and were treated with a
demonstration of Jax finding a knife hidden in the backyard by accompanying Officer Morgan Kelsey.  After the presentation, Treasurer Reports prepared by John Schmidt and Minutes of the October Business Meeting recorded by Sarah Lee, were handed out. Finally, the following announcements were made:

  • The spring planting at the front entry was well received and plans are being made for the summer planting sometime after the May 17th last frost.
  • The GRI board is working with the city on road striping to help with speeders.
  • The GRI is now posting info on the Greenbrier Neighborhood FB page ( not to be confused with Nextdoor Greenbrier).
  • Ky American Water Co. will be flushing water lines this week in Greenbrier.
  • Residents using the M&M garbage company should be aware M&M will not recycle paper.

Thanks to Jennifer Allen for providing chocolate chip cookies and other snacks & for the use of their beautiful back porch!

Our next Bylaw-mandated Business meeting will be held in October.

Spring Neighborhood Business Meeting – April 25th

The GRI will hold its bylaw-mandated general business meeting for residents at the home of ‘Jennifer’ and Ben Allen on Jamaica Court on Monday, April 25th. The meeting will take place at 6 PM and our featured speaker will be officer Kaitlin Weckerling and her dog Jax from the LFUCG K-9 unit. All are invited, rain or shine so be prepared.

Presentation From Division of Water Quality

Dallas Taylor and Charles Martin, from the LFUCG Division of Water Quality holding a map showing the route our sewage goes until it reaches the treatment plant. The Division of Water Quality provides citizens of Lexington-Fayette County with wastewater treatment and stormwater management services. The city’s sanitary sewer system includes 81 pump stations, over 1400 miles of sewer pipe, and two large wastewater treatment plants (Town Branch and West Hickman).

Effluent flows from pump station number two at the intersection of Bahama and Winchester Road all the way to the highest point of the subdivision in front of the club. At that point gravity takes over and effluent flows through several neighborhoods until it reaches the Town Branch Treatment Plant. The plant is off Old Frankfort Pike inside the circle.

Link: LFUCG Division of Water Quality

Fall Updates

  • The latest newsletter was mailed this week.
  • Fall planting was installed at the front entry.
  • The GB Garage Sale took place this weekend, Sept. 24-35.
  • The GB Fall Business Meeting will be a scaled- down event to be held outside on the back patio of 3785 Jamaica Court – rain or shine – Tuesday, October 19th at 6pm.
  • A “Trunk or Treat” Halloween event will be held Sunday October 24th for the neighborhood.  Decorated cars, bikes, golfcarts or other miscellaneous vehicles will assemble at the Club parking lot between 1 and 2pm. At 4pm the neighborhood parade begins so it should be a fun-filled afternoon, weather permitting. RSVPs are required, so please contact Angie Doyle (click to email)  ADoyle@GreenbrierGCC.com or online.

Covid Updates: Meeting Cancelled and Vaccine Guidance

First out of lingering concern for the safety of our residents, the April GB Business meeting will be cancelled. Instead, included with the new Directory that will be distributed to every homeowner this month, will be our quarterly newsletter. The newsletter will contain information normally announced at the meeting – including details of our budget, upcoming projects, and result of our annual Dues appeal.

Second,  if you or someone you know is having trouble obtaining an appointment for the Covid vaccine, please let a Board member know.  We can put you in touch with a neighbor who is able to connect any resident having trouble getting the vaccine with the right agency.

Call Mariana at 533-7154 for further information.  Thank you!

Greenbrier Neighborhood Fall Ballot

GRI Members! Due to Covid-19, the approval of next year’s budget and election of GRI Officers will not be held at an in-person Business meeting. A ballot will be taped to every home in Greenbrier; however:

1)      one must be a property owner for your vote to be recorded, only one vote per household

2)      only a GRI member in good standing ($100 annual dues paid) for vote to be recorded

3)      offer “yes” or write-in a candidate for your voting choice

4)      fill in your name and address and sign

A ballot box will be placed at 2018 Bahama Road (The Urschels) from 9am to dark on Oct. 25 & 26 for your ballot to be dropped off.

According to our Bylaws, the response of one tenth (1/10) of GRI members in person or by proxy is necessary for action. All current Board Members are up for re-election; a space is provided for write-in candidates.

Approval is also required to pass next year’s budget. Details of this budget are on page 2 of this ballot! Treasurer John Schmidt is glad to answer any questions about the proposed budget: 299-5656

Click for Sample Ballot

Click for Proposed Budget

Spring Business Meeting Set for Monday, April 8

All residents are invited to attend the Spring Business Meeting of the Greenbrier Residents, Inc.  This by-law mandated event will be held at the home of Sarah and Carl Lee, 1805 Bahama Road.  Drinks and snacks will be served at 6.30pm; the program will start promptly at 7pm. 

Our keynote speaker is Mr. Rob Bartley, Regional Sales Manager over Lexington with Metronet, the fiber optic network that began construction in parts of Lexington this past year.  Mr. Bartley will be available to answer any questions you may have about this new internet option. Also on the agenda,will  be Kathy Plomin, our 12th District Councilmember and neighbor,  to present highlights of Council activity this past quarter.  So take this opportunity to catch up on GRI detailed budget info as well as other neighborhood news. Mingle with your neighbors and friends! 

Don’t miss the Spring Business Meeting of the Greenbrier Residents, Inc. Monday, April 8th, at 6.30pm.