Covid Updates: Meeting Cancelled and Vaccine Guidance

First out of lingering concern for the safety of our residents, the April GB Business meeting will be cancelled. Instead, included with the new Directory that will be distributed to every homeowner this month, will be our quarterly newsletter. The newsletter will contain information normally announced at the meeting – including details of our budget, upcoming projects, and result of our annual Dues appeal.

Second,  if you or someone you know is having trouble obtaining an appointment for the Covid vaccine, please let a Board member know.  We can put you in touch with a neighbor who is able to connect any resident having trouble getting the vaccine with the right agency.

Call Mariana at 533-7154 for further information.  Thank you!

Greenbrier Neighborhood Fall Ballot

GRI Members! Due to Covid-19, the approval of next year’s budget and election of GRI Officers will not be held at an in-person Business meeting. A ballot will be taped to every home in Greenbrier; however:

1)      one must be a property owner for your vote to be recorded, only one vote per household

2)      only a GRI member in good standing ($100 annual dues paid) for vote to be recorded

3)      offer “yes” or write-in a candidate for your voting choice

4)      fill in your name and address and sign

A ballot box will be placed at 2018 Bahama Road (The Urschels) from 9am to dark on Oct. 25 & 26 for your ballot to be dropped off.

According to our Bylaws, the response of one tenth (1/10) of GRI members in person or by proxy is necessary for action. All current Board Members are up for re-election; a space is provided for write-in candidates.

Approval is also required to pass next year’s budget. Details of this budget are on page 2 of this ballot! Treasurer John Schmidt is glad to answer any questions about the proposed budget: 299-5656

Click for Sample Ballot

Click for Proposed Budget

Spring Business Meeting Set for Monday, April 8

All residents are invited to attend the Spring Business Meeting of the Greenbrier Residents, Inc.  This by-law mandated event will be held at the home of Sarah and Carl Lee, 1805 Bahama Road.  Drinks and snacks will be served at 6.30pm; the program will start promptly at 7pm. 

Our keynote speaker is Mr. Rob Bartley, Regional Sales Manager over Lexington with Metronet, the fiber optic network that began construction in parts of Lexington this past year.  Mr. Bartley will be available to answer any questions you may have about this new internet option. Also on the agenda,will  be Kathy Plomin, our 12th District Councilmember and neighbor,  to present highlights of Council activity this past quarter.  So take this opportunity to catch up on GRI detailed budget info as well as other neighborhood news. Mingle with your neighbors and friends! 

Don’t miss the Spring Business Meeting of the Greenbrier Residents, Inc. Monday, April 8th, at 6.30pm.


PVA O'Neil to Speak at Fall 2018 Business Meeting

David Neil PVA

David Neil PVA

The PVA office determines the fair cash value of your property which, in part, determines the amount of property tax you owe.
Will Greenbrier be one of Fayette County’s neighborhoods assessed in 2019?
This and other pertinent questions will be answered by guest speaker David O’Neill, PVA Chief Administrator, at the fall Business Meeting on October 15th, held at the home of Sarah and Carl Lee, 1805 Bahama Road. All residents are welcome at 6:00 pm for drinks and snacks, presentation to follow.
If you have a question for Mr O’Neil or on any other topic, you may click on our: Contact Form.

Fall Events

As mandated by Greenbrier’s Bylaws, the GRI Board must hold two biannual meetings, one in April, and one in October. (Do you know Greenbrier’s Bylaws and Deed Restrictions may be found on this website under “Library” and in all GB Directories?) The date of the Fall meeting will be Monday, October 15th, at the home of Sarah and Carl Lee, 1805 Bahama Road. All GB residents are invited to a social get-together before the meeting to enjoy drinks and snacks at 6:00 pm; program to follow. Further details will be available closer to the October date.
Ever think about what happens when you call 911? Do you wonder if there are specific police assigned to our neighborhood? Do police write speeding tickets to meet quotas? Answers to these and any other questions you may have will be answered at our first “Coffee with a Cop” event held at the Greenbrier Golf and Country Club on August 29 at 10.30am. and hosted by Officer Dawn Dunn Norden. A second “Coffee” will be planned in September if needed!
UPDATE:  If you would like to RSVP to this event, either call Angie Doyle at 293-1508, or e-mail her at
UPDATE #2:  Angie’s e-mail address was corrected.
Time to Clean out those closets for the annual Fall Garage Sale! Saturday, September 29th will be a busy day for all our neighbors participating in the fall Garage sale, from 8am – 2pm, as will be advertised. Residents who wish to display their goods on Friday the 28th should prepare their own signs showing shoppers the way to their treasures. Traffic will be heavier than usual this weekend so keep an eye on kids and pets to make sure they stay safe. Questions? Call Cyndy Powell at 299-5566 for info.


The Spring business meeting of this neighborhood will be held on Monday, April 9th at the home of Sarah and Carl Lee, 1805 Bahama Road.
Drinks and snacks will be offered at 6.30pm; the business meeting will start promptly at 7pm. The evening’s agenda will include remarks by guest speakers Roger Mulvaney, from the LFUCG division of Traffic Engineering, as well as by our district Councilmember Kathy Plomin, and Master Gardener Sarah Lee. Also presented will be our treasurer’s report, new board projects, including our security cameras update, and the ND-1 overlay update, details of which are also posted on this website.
Other announcements will include details of the Greenbrier Ladies Tea, to be held Sunday, April 15th at the home of Andy & Leslie Russ, 2145 Bahama Road, and the date of the spring garage sale to be held on Saturday, April 28th.
Please plan to come and enjoy this informative meeting.

Greenbrier Spring Events

Officer Dawn Dunn of the Lexington Police Department

Save the date for our Spring General Meeting, on Monday, April 17th.  Our guest speaker will by our new neighbor, Office Dawn Dunn of the Lexington Police Department.  Office Dunn will discuss neighborhood security.
Also keep in mind that the Greenbrier Spring Yard sale will take place on Saturday, May 13th.

Greenbrier Fall Meeting: Monday, October 3

Our bylaw mandated Fall meeting will take place Monday, Oct. 3rd at the home of Sarah & Carl Lee, 1805 Bahama Road. A wine and cheese social hour will start at 6pm followed by the business meeting. We are delighted to present the candidate running for the 12th District: Kathy Plomin. Kathy will discuss community issues, how she plans to address them, and take questions from the floor. Stephanie will present results of the recent survey sent out to residents; John will discuss our budget for approval; & a slate of officers will be elected among other items of business. Support your Greenbrier Residents, Inc.! Please plan to attend this informational meeting!

Greenbrier Spring Meeting Monday, April 18

The Greenbrier Spring Business Meeting will be held Monday, April 18th at the home of Sarah and Carl Lee.  The Lee residence is 1805 Bahama Road.  Our meeting will begin at 7pm.

Bruce Ferguson will give a presentation on Radon Gas monitoring and abatement. For more information about Bruce, click here.

Beth Overman, Director of the PDR program for Fayette County, will also speak.  For more information about Beth, click here.

Also on the agenda, will be introduction of GRI Board members, explanation of our Budget, and other neighborhood news. Please make every effort to attend this informative and fun time!

Come early for wine and cheese at 6:30 PM.

Hope to see you there!